Dawn Okoro in Lovers

Nigerian American artist Dawn Okoro lives and works in Austin, Texas. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas, and her law degree from Texas Southern University. Her desire to become an artist spawned from her love of fashion illustration, photography, and design. Okoro’s work has been featured in Oxford American and Drawing magazines. Her work has been shown at the Texas Biennial, New York University, Notre Dame University, Rice University Museum, and the MoCADA Museum in Brooklyn.

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Beth Consetta Rubel in Friends

Beth Consetta Rubel is a mixed-media visual artist based in Austin, TX. She received her BFA from UTSA and certification for Texas State Early Childhood Education in 2013. Her work has been featured in galleries across the country and reviewed in Complex, POLITICO, For Harriet and Afropunk.

Arielle Austin in Sisters

Arielle Austin's work explores the intimate relationship between subject and viewer with layers, texture and details. While experimenting with this process, Austin compels the viewer to take a closer look - to become intimate with the art, resembling our very own human nature and desire. To be fully seen and known. The desire that makes known the unspoken, observes the corners, wonders of technique, yearns to touch textures, dissect its layers.

Hakeem Adewumi in Lovers

Hakeem Adewumi is an emerging artist from Dallas, Texas who uses photography and image-making as a form of storytelling. His work is dedicated to examining the human experience and is meant to articulate everyday emotions we confront as humans. He has travelled to three countries throughout the African diaspora to build a body of work that aims to construct a comprehensive appreciation of global history through a Black lens. His work is informed by his personal and political identity that intersects at various points to shape a narrative that is provocative and affectionate. With a discerning eye, he aims to keep you seeing things you never expected to see; to keep you remembering things that are important to remember.

Chaka Mpeanaji in Artists

As one-half of Austin's three-peat 'Band of the Year,' (RAS) Riders Against the Storm, and co-founder Body Rock ATX, one of Austin's largest monthly dance parties, Jonathan 'Chaka' Mahone (pictured above left) knows how to move a crowd.  Recognizing that it's truly 'bigger than hip hop' though, Mahone also has a strong background in youth­ empowerment/education through arts, currently serving as an Educational/Curriculum Consultant with various non-profit arts organizations. In 2013, Mahone became a co-founder of Divine and Conjure Enterprises, LLC, a production company with a focus on empowering audiences through creative events, films, music, and more. Rider's Against the Storm (pictured above) song "Bulletproof" also appears in the We Are film series.

Roshi Krautheim in Sisters

Roshi lives and works from Austin, TX. She embraces traveling far and wide and is inspired by the knowledge that each adventure a person partakes leaves a permanent stamp on the passport of the soul. Personal and artistic ventures lead her up and down the three coasts of the US and to the heights of Tokyo Tower. The vibrations and culture of every city, old and new, impact the flavor of Roshi’s work. She enriched her natural talents by studying Art Foundations at Virginia Commonwealth University and Animation at the Arts Institute of Austin.  Main influences of Roshi’s aesthetic include anime, manga, Japanese history, the history of the African Diaspora, mythology, linguistics, cymatics, quantum physics, and the natural elements.

Ashton Guy in Artists

Hailing from East Texas, Ashton moved to Austin in 2005. She graduated with Honors and a Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies from the University of Texas in 2009. For six years she worked for the American Cancer Society in Patient Services, and began creating full-time in 2015. Ashton paints, writes, illustrates, directs, and otherwise conceives of all kinds of colorful stuff from Cement Loop Studios. Write to her about reflecting your internal brightness back in any medium, absurdity and awe, what’s wrong and what’s wonderful, changing society, making movies, album cover music video needs, stimulating your creativity, overcoming phobias, going to the rescue zoo together or jumping into Barton Springs on a bad day. Ashton also designed the beautifully haunting smile that was used in our crowdfunding campaign video.

Kel Brown in Evolving (Interlude)

Kel Brown is an abstract artist and painter from Houston, TX residing in Austin, TX. 


Rex Hamilton in Evolving (Interlude)

Rex Hamilton is an artist from and working in Austin, TX.

Adrian Armstrong in Friends

Adrian Armstrong is a creative from Omaha, NE now living and working out of Austin, TX. He is the co-founder of Brown State of Mind, a creative agency dedicated to helping creatives of color. His work explores black identity through figurative and mixed media portraiture.